Sea of Clouds in Bohol

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Sea of Clouds in Bohol Tour


One of the top destinations of our Bohol tour. The Magical Sea of Clouds is another newly discovered attraction in Danao that captured the attention of the Photographers, even in social media. Well, it may be hard to believe but the pictures and videos circulating online is the proof that the “Sea of Clouds” really exists in this place.

sea of clouds in bohol

Danao has been a popular destination for day-trippers, but an opportunity to witness the sea of clouds gives a compelling reason for visitors to spend the night in this faraway town. Those who really want to witness this beautiful and amazing phenomenon can do so with the less effort. The trail to the exact spot of Mt. Pungtaas where you can get a perfect view for taking of pictures of the whole scenery is not as risky compared to Mt. Pulag.

sea of clouds in bohol

The property is owned privately, so restrictions are also set to every tourists going up there or wishes to see the wonderful scenery. Avoid littering since nobody will clean after you. The ideal time to visit is 4-6am when the sun starts to shed its ray.

sea of cloud in bohol

From Tagbilaran City, take a van from Van Rental Bohol going to Danao Adventure Park . Total travel time takes roughly three hours to the nature park, which has its own restaurant and basic accommodation. There are also several activities you can do at the site. A visit to the sea of clouds may be arranged in advance through the park staff. For travel packages in Bohol, visit

An entrance fee of PHP 25 per person is collected at Laguna Hills, after registering your names in the logbook. A guide is provided to accompany visitors to the lookout points. For more inquiries you can Contact us with these numbers 0908-5127751 / 0995 4182436.


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